How It Works

1. Free Phone Consultation
The phone consultation is a chance for us, at Guardian's Nest, to find out facts about your case so that we can be sure to accommodate your families needs. You may also address any questions or concerns you may have about our services.

2. Intake Appointment
There will be two separate intake appointments - one for each parent. During the intake appointment we will collect a copy of the court order and any ongoing restraining orders from each parent. We will go over all the details of your case, review the rules, and sign contracts.

3. Review & Set-up Visits
After the intake appointment, we will carefully review your court order to properly arrange location & time for visits that will work best for all parties.

4. Supervised Visits
The visits will begin! At the beginning of each visit, the custodial parent will be required to arrive 15 minutes before the noncustodial parent and leave immediately to avoid contact. During the visit staff will stay within eyesight and hearing distance at all times. Guardian's Nest staff will take detailed notes during the entire visit. (Please see visitation rules & guidelines for more details on rules that must be followed during the visits.)
How It Works